Every day during training, my muscles have to deal with great overloads, and recently I have also suffered an injury. Fortunately, CarePump came with help. The MOVE6 lymphatic drainage device, which proved to be an excellent element of post-workout regeneration, and helped my rehabilitation after an injury.

Everyone is probably wondering how it works, I also thought about it at the beginning, but thanks to the explanations of the friendly service, I already know that under pressure, the metabolism in the muscles is accelerated and there is better regeneration.

After the treatment, the legs become lighter, and the next day the feeling of fatigue is much less. The treatment is enjoyable and I was able to do it while relaxing and watching Netflix series.

I know from secret sources that it also has other cool uses, such as supporting the fight against excess weight and cellulite. So it's worth a try.

I highly recommend it and with a clear conscience I can say that it works.

The CarePump MOVE4 worked very well for the players of the Polish Team in ski jumping. It was a perfect complement to regeneration, accelerating and improving the flow of blood and lymph. It caused a better metabolism. Thanks to its small dimensions, it could be taken and used in any place, incl. on trips, during the journey (plane, bus, airports). It was possible to perform 2 treatment cycles on a fully charged battery.

Thanks to 5 operating modes and a large range of pressure regulation, the programs were individually tailored to each player and his current needs. A longer cable would be a great help in use.

My name is Marcin Konieczny and I am the World Champion (cat. 45-49) in the Triathlon on the Ironman distance. I was really interested in lymphatic drainage equipment at the moment when such devices showed up at the expo before the competition. I consider massage (whether manual or pressure) as the basic form of regeneration after training. Back then, however, was the price.

The goal for 2019 was to break 2h30 'in the marathon. I was aware that running training would strain my legs to a much greater extent than triathlon training. My nature of work (I am a trainer, on average 80,000 km on the route to training places in Poland and abroad) made it impossible to visit physiotherapists on a regular basis. Hence the idea to purchase the WIC 2008M from Bardomed. A few months of 2018 and the entire 2019 showed me that the idea of ​​massage is it.

As I got used to the device, I started to notice areas for improvement as well. The size, length of the sleeves, pressure force and, most of all, low mobility - these are things that do not interfere with everyday "home" functioning. In the case of trips, they can be a nuisance.

Then I received the "Care Pump MOVE6" device for testing.

Testing happened at the best possible moment. I was on my way to a climate camp. The MOVE6 that I took with me fit into my hand luggage, leaving a lot of space in the so-called "Cabin" for other things. This is one of its greatest advantages. The device itself is the size of a shoe box. Weight 2 kg (with cuffs and cables about 3 kg). Among the advantages of the device, mobility comes to the fore, resulting not only from the size and weight, but above all from the battery it is equipped with. 4 months of testing, in various variants (power and type of program), showed that the average battery life is 70 '. It is a great comfort to be aware that after training I can massage anywhere, without being tied to an extension cord or socket.

Another advantage is the ability to turn individual chambers on and off (I have 6 chamber cuffs) manually. There are times when local fatigue or slight trauma requires a "gentler treatment" of the site. The device allows the exclusion of a given place in the cuff from the massage. This is especially useful for me after long runs, when I want to rest, for example, for my ankles. Among the things that I use less (although it is also very extensive) are various programs that control pumping and relaxation of the ventricles. I admit without hitting - I did not read their meaning. Empirical, I came to the point that I like the "D" program the most and I only use it (even though there are 5 of them).

Another advantage is the pressure generated in the cuffs. They are long, so I happened to unfold them incorrectly (especially around the buttock) and then I felt exactly what it means that the device can produce 250 mmHg. They press goodly. The mentioned length of the cuffs (I am 173 cm tall) allows them to cover the entire leg, but also a piece of the gluteal muscle and the groin.

Being at home, I use the device while sitting with my loved ones and nobody complains about the noise. I have had massage sessions in public places (airport, beach bar) and nobody paid any attention to the fact that the device made noise.

If I look for the flaws, the only thing I found is the inability to track the duration of the program. The devices allow you to set sessions between 10 and 60 '. Especially in this longer episode, it would be nice to see how much time is left to the end

Almost two months of using the 4-chamber CarePump Move4 lymphatic drainage device allowed me to learn about its advantages and disadvantages. I especially appreciated the possibility of using the "self-massage" treatment at a time when it was impossible to use the professionals' help (physiotherapists).

This device took care of my regeneration after a whole day of work at home, playing with children, or finally training. This last application is extremely important for me. In order to be able to maintain a continuous result progress, in addition to well-thought-out training, I cannot forget about proper regeneration between successive training units. With the above-mentioned CarePump Move4 device at hand, I was able to enjoy the massage whenever I wanted.

My subjective feelings confirm the operation of this device. The advantages of CarePump Move4 are as follows: the size, portable, not too loud (at the same time I was able to successfully watch the series) and strong enough (the pressure of 250mm / Hg completely met my expectations). The multiplicity of the work mode did not allow the muscles to get used to the procedure and each time the massage was a new stimulus for them.

Initially, the disadvantage for me was that the battery signaled exhaustion after two "treatments" but it was enough to connect it to the charging immediately after the second treatment and the problem was over. Overall, I am very pleased with the performance of the CarePump Move4. My legs are refreshed, so I can train even more effectively.

My adventure with lymphatic drainage began a few years ago when I was testing the 6-chamber WIC 2008MS. The effects after the first use were unbelievable, when after removing the cuffs I felt the lightness of my previously sore legs.

Since 2019, I have been using the 6-chamber CarePump Move6 and it is a perfectly refined device that works not only at home but also when traveling. A great solution is the battery, thanks to which we can regenerate even in the car while driving to the competition. Several massage modes allow you to give different feelings and massage each time.

With my height, the cuffs fit perfectly and allow the entire legs to regenerate. CarePump6 is the perfect device for amateur athletes, professionals, but also for people who work in a standing position for several hours a day. I definitely recommend this device and will not replace it with any other.

The device for lymphatic drainage with a battery charging function is a great help and convenience for me. Often, after competitions or training, I can't wait to come back home, and do the lymphatic drainage massage.

Thanks to its small size, CarePump MOVE4 accompanies me on every trip to the training camp.

Thanks to 5 operating modes, I can adjust the device to my individual needs. Regeneration is also part of the training, and with CarePump I have it at the highest level. Fast regeneration is the basis for me!

I have been using the CarePump legs for several months and I must admit that I did not expect it to regenerate so much.

When heavy legs after stronger tasks or competitions noticeably accelerate my regeneration, my legs are strong and ready for training. The fact that you can sit comfortably on the couch and do something else while the massager is operating without having to engage in the process itself is also a huge advantage for me! I fully recommend!