Accessories for CarePump devices include cuffs; extension zippers; double connectors; and a safety button. We encourage you to select the device you own or want to buy from the top menu. This will make it easier for you to browse the available accessories, as we will only display the ones that are compatible with your device.

4-chambers arm cuff with tubes

4-chambers waist cuff with tubes

4-chambers short pants cuff with tubes

Extension zipper for 6-chambers leg cuff

4-chambers right leg cuff

4-chambers left leg cuff

4-chambers double connector

6-chambers arm cuff with tubes

6-chambers waist cuff with tubes

6-chambers short pants cuff with tubes

Extension zipper for 6-chambers leg cuff

6-chambers right leg cuff

6-chambers left leg cuff

6-chambers double connector

8-chambers arm cuff with tubes

8-chambers waist cuff with tubes

8-chambers short pants cuff with tubes

Extension zipper for 8-chambers leg cuff

8-chambers right leg cuff

8-chambers left leg cuff

8-chambers double connector

Which accessories to choose?

Cuffs allow treatments to be performed in a specific body part. The devices from the Move series are equipped with cuffs for the lower limbs, while the devices from the Advanced series (Expert and Compact models) and the Lite series do not have cuffs and must be purchased separately.

The devices can be attached to the upper limb cuff (needed, for example, for post-mastectomy pressotherapy treatments), or shorts (especially recommended for lymphatic drainage treatment for aesthetic purposes, e.g. cellulite reduction, skin firming in the area of ​​thighs, buttocks and hips) and a cuff for the abdomen and hip. If necessary, an extension zipper.

Double connector is needed if you want to treat two areas (usually two legs) at the same time. People who choose devices from the Move series receive a splitter in the set, while for the other series it must be purchased.

The safety button for the patient can be attached to the Advanced series (intended for offices) and Lite series (for home lymphatic drainage treatments). Allows immediate termination of the treatment and deflation of air from the cuffs.